Balbi Bar

Music Cocktails Bar - Prague

Balbi Bar,
Gay Friendly Bar in
  Prague,   Czech Republic

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Good cocktails, big smiles & chillout place with good music!
Elegant new addition to the Prague gay scene is a plush cocktail bar with very friendly service and a great location very close to Wenceslas Square but within easy walking distance of the bars and clubs of the scene. They have a wide range of cocktails on offer and have three nicely designed and well furnished rooms.

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Balbi Bar – Prague
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3 May 2019 until 5 May 2019
Prague Rainbow Spring 2019
Prague Rainbow Spring 2019
Prague, Czech Republic

7 May 2019 until 7 May 2019
Elton John in Prague
Elton John in Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

18 May 2019 until 18 May 2019
Pioneer Prague
Pioneer Prague
Prague, Czech Republic

5 Aug 2019 until 11 Aug 2019
Prague Pride 2019
Prague Pride 2019
Prague, Czech Republic

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Balbinova 27
Prague Prague CZ
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