Café Voulez-Vous

Gay Bar Restaurant - Paris

Café Voulez-Vous,
Gay Bar & Restaurant in
Paris, France

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“Located in the bar zone of Marais, this stylish place has always had a more laid-back loungey feel to it than most of its neighbours, perhaps because it’s also a restaurant. The owner and name have now changed, but you’ll still be neither starving nor thirsty as you sit and check what’s going in and out of the street.

Café Voulez-Vous is the new identity of the former Le Carré, and the new man behind this dash of panache is Thibault Jardon. Responsible for the legendary Les Bains Douches before it shut down and long-standing artistic director of the iconic Queen nightclub on Champs Elysées, he’s not migrating alone, having entrusted his new menu to chef Giuseppe Picone.

There’s a good selection of quality brasserie on offer and it’s worth noting that while the kitchen stays open until midnight, the barmen rustle up a mean cocktail, too. The cheeky cocktail list even features a house special by the name of ‘Second Boyfriend ‘. Order one at the bar and enjoy a generous side order of eye candy on the house.”

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Café Voulez-Vous

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Rue du Temple 18
Paris 75004 Paris FR
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