mission: gay friendly world
This page is intended for gay community and can include (but may not):
ads and articles with tobacco, alcohol and art photos.

GAYLOCATOR ® “a Non-Profit LGBTQ website”
european gay travel guide
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– Is designed as a community network.
– It allows you to get to know other people, places and organisations, not just in your neighborhood, but also on vacation and business trips, wherever you may travel.
– Visit new town, places or even countries and know that you will have a resource at hand to help make your stay a pleasant one..
– Meet new people.. Find out what gay or gay friendly establishments are, be they clubs, bars, restaurants, discos or whatever. Search for health care, sex safe advice, accommodation or whatever you want.
Website is not intended for any illegal activity !!!
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Protection of the rights of sexual minorities (anti discrimination laws):
laws / protection / convention: UN – United Nations,
Russia, USA, Canada, EU, Australia, China, Japan (more than 100 countries)
(Vienna Declaration / Maastricht Treaty / Amsterdam Treaty)

Some country is maybe blocked.
In some countries, homosexuality is strictly forbidden. Can be sentenced to death penalty.
Avoid expressions of homosexuality, in these countries.