Why is not complete data (and photos) about places?
We operate this site for you for free. Cost of operation (hosting – limited space GB (Giga bytes), domains, trademark, expanding features of the site, time spent on the development and editing – several people, …) costs us a lot of money and times. Welcome any sponsorship.

Some basic information is missing (web, facebook, phone, …).
We were unable to find out all the details.

Can I report a change the place (address, link, opening hours, etc.)?
Yes. Use the form, or mail


Can I add a foreign or our place (your gay bar, your gay clubs, …)?
Yes. Use the form, or mail (It’s free)


I can manage my place?
Sorry, No.

I want to patronize your site. I’ll have an advantage?
Sponsored helps us in running the site. For sponsoring 100 EUR or more, One Year will be marked as recommended and you will be at the top of your city search.

I want to patronize your site.
You can. Thank you very much.

Can I advertise on your site?
This function is coming soon.

We recommend “Google Chrome” search engine.

Why is blocking some states?
In some countries, homosexuality is strictly forbidden. Can be sentenced to death penalty.
We do not recommend for gay people Travel, Holiday, Trading, Sponsorship to those countries.
Avoid expressions of homosexuality, in these countries.