Club Drakes.

Gay Cruising Club - Prague

Club Drakes,
Gay Cruising Club in
  Prague,   Czech Republic

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Welcome to Drakes… the oldest established gay bar in Prague.
Drakes has been in it’s current location since it opened in 1993..
As a bar and club where men can drink and play, we have a firmly established reputation for what we offer our visitors. Our Czech bar staff are friendly, informative and quite at ease speaking English.

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Club Drakes

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Posted May 15, 2022

Opening hours

Monday:        nonstop
Tuesday:       nonstop
Wednesday: nonstop
Thursday:      nonstop
Friday:           nonstop
Saturday:       nonstop
Sunday:         nonstop
We are not responsible for the changes to the opening hours.
Zborovská 50
Praha 5 150 00 Praha CZ
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