Playa de las Balmins.

Mixed Nudist Beach - Sitges

Playa de las Balmins,
Mixed Nudist Beach in
  Sitges,   Spain

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Walk past the church and continue on close to the coast. Stay on the path next to the beach. Pass a long beach strip. Climb a hill past a cemetery. The beach is then right in front of you. The first two sections of the beach are where the gay boys let it ALL hang out.

The nudist beach beyond the church at Platja Sant Sebastia, Platja dels Balmins (for mixed nude bathing) and Platja d’Aiguadolc. has become a popular alternative for those Gay Boy’s in the know. And whilst it is encouraged to go nude, no one will make you take your speedos off, unless you want them to of course.

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Playa de Las Balmins

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