Café Saarein.

Gay Bar - Amsterdam

Café Saarein,
Gay Café Bar in
  Amsterdam,   Netherlands

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Café Saarein is one of the few original ‘bruine kroegen’ left in Amsterdam with an early twentieth century interior.
In 1978 a group of ten women formed a collective and took over the café from Saar and Rein. This set the base for Amsterdam’s infamous women’s café Saarein.

In 1999 Dia took over the café, although the interior has changed, just like the guests.
Saarein is now open for all ‘queer minded people‘.
Music, playing pool and flirting are the main ingredients of this small and cosy café which is situated in the old picturesque part of town, close to all central amenities.

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Café Saarein

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Elandstraat 119
Amsterdam Amsterdam NL
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